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I have an interest in all things sexual health, sex education, and pleasure. I make sure that everything I share with my audience is honest and can be applied to improve the quality of their sex lives which translates into their overall wellbeing. 

Guest posting

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Are you interested in writing a guest blog post for Come to Mia? Great! This site is primarily focused on sex and sexual wellness, so topics that fall into that niche are what we are looking for!

Below, you can find some suggestions for possible topics. And if you have a different idea for me, I’m happy to hear it!

Niche Topics:

  • Dating and Relationships 
  • Breakups
  • Sexual Health or Sexuality
  • Kinks/Fetishes
  • Oral Sex Techniques
  • Porn 
  • OnlyFans 
  • Sex Positions
  • Sex Toys 
  • Feminism
  • Sex Taboos
  • Intimacy Tips
  • Experiences from Your Sexual Journey
  • Over 1000 words
  • SEO-friendly –I can help with that!
  • Original content – Plagiarism
  • Well-written – Bring back the grammar you learned in 2nd grade.
  • Give a brief bio:
    • If you are a blogger, tell me what you write about and describe your blog/niche.
    • If you’re not, tell me something about you that my readers might want to know (have you been on over 50 tinder dates? struggling with an STD? crazy sexual encounter or fantasy?)

If you still think you’d be a good fit, please fill out the form below or email me at

Writing Services

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  • I do charge a fee.

Media Kit and Rate Card available upon request.


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  • Link insertions

Media Kit and Rate Card available upon request.

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  • I will tell you where to send the product to.
  • I do charge a fee for reviews. 
  • Commissioning a review doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be positive
  • I won’t remove negative reviews from the site or offer refunds.
  • I do not test or review unsafe toys, lube, or other products; my say on what counts as safe is final. 

Brand Ambassadors

If you are a brand/company or have a specific product, I offer sponsored blog posts.

I am interested in working with inclusive sexual wellness companies that are ethical and sustainable. 

Female-owned diverse brands are a plus!

Media Kit and Rate Card available upon request.


  • Dedicated blog post
  • Full feature written about your product or brand – previously agreed upon topic
  • Post will be 600-1,000 words and SEO-friendly
  • At least 2 (do-follow) backlinks included to your website
  • Photos – Can be from the company or my own
  • I do not take pre-written content
  • Sponorship will be disclosed as per advertising standards regulations

Price: $50

Giveaways or Product Reviews

  • Full or shared blog post with hosted product giveaway

Social Media Promotion

  • Instagram post or story featuring product
  • Blog post promotions on Twitter, IG and Facebook
  • Giveaway on Twitter or Instagram

Additional $20

Email me as to why I should become an Ambassador for your brand and what is expected!

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