3 Secrets About Post Nut Clarity No One Told You!

Mar, 22, 2023

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Post Nut Clarity.

I know you’ve heard about it. And chances are you’ve experienced it too.

Post nut clarity isn’t anything new. It’s been around for centuries, but the only difference is we are now talking about it, and we put a cool name to it.

Post nut clarity is usually described as a male-exclusive phenomenon where men feel a sense of shame or regret over the decisions they made while sexually aroused.

Like always, men always get it half right because PNC is so much more than that.

It’s actually useful and guess what. It’s not male-exclusive. Anyone who has experienced an orgasm has probably experienced PNC in one form or another.

In this blog post, we will cover what post nut clarity ACTUALLY is and the three secrets about PNC that no one talks about.

Are you ready for a level of clarity you’ve never had?

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Post nut clarity has more power to it then you know!

Key Take Aways

Before we get started, there are just some things that you need to keep in mind as you read:

  1. Post nut clarity is defined (by Urban Dictionary) “as the immediate clear-mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming.”
  2. PNC is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It’s just something that happens post-orgasm that makes you reflect.
  3. PNC can happen to anyone of any gender/sexuality, but it doesn’t happen every time you orgasm.
  4. Being horny makes EVERYONE do some weird-ass shit. So when the post nut shame settles in, show yourself compassion as you reflect on why you wanted to watch some obscure form of porn that you can only get on the dark web.

Secret #1: Hormones & Neurotransmitters are responsible for PNC

So you know when you’re super horny, and you think that masturbating at that particular moment is just the best idea ever?

It doesn’t matter that you are in the parking lot of your local Target. There is no reason to wait.

You can blame your hormones and neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine, testosterone, and endorphins.

They flood your brain and make it difficult for you to think straight. Yet, all they have you focus on at that moment is the sweet release of a toe-curling orgasm.

So once you achieve that orgasm, the hormones and neurotransmitters are released, causing a rush of euphoria and pleasure. Simultaneously, as the endorphins, dopamine, and testosterone levels decrease, prolactin (hormone) and norepinephrine (neurotransmitter) increase.

Prolactin leads to a lower sex drive, and norepinephrine leads to a higher ability to concentrate, leading to the clarity aspect of post nut clarity.

In other words, once the tension of wanting to have sex is released, these hormones and neurotransmitters shift in balance, leading to a clearer, more focused mind.

In other words, this is when the post nut shame sets in. Then, with that clear head, you start to reflect on your choices. 

As I said before, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

It was the hormones.

Secret #2: Post Nut Clarity is Not Male Exclusive

That’s right!

Post nut clarity is not male-exclusive!

As stated before, anyone who has experienced an orgasm has the possibility of experiencing post nut clarity. This is because the same endorphins and hormones are released during sex as men.

So yes, women feel shame for sleeping with you, which is why she is rushing to get out of your house.

But there are two reasons why post-nut clarity is usually associated with men:

Orgasm Gap

The orgasm gap “refers to the disparity in the frequency and ease of orgasm between men and women during sexual activity. Studies have found that men are more likely to achieve orgasm during sexual encounters than women.” So since more men are experiencing more orgasms, they are the ones experiencing PNC more frequently.

post nut clarity
She is realizing how she truly feels about their situation because she can think clearly now.

Refractory Period

The refractory period is “a period immediately following stimulation during which a nerve or muscle is unresponsive to further stimulation.”

Once a man orgasms, they go into a refractory period due to increased prolactin (the hormone from before) and norepinephrine. Then, with no desire for sex, his mental headspace is cleared up to think, reflect or sleep. For men, this refractory period is longer.

You notice how once men cum they are usually tapped out for the rest of the night or at least for a good hour?

Yeah, it’s because of those hormones & neurotransmitters. But for women, the story is about the same.

Once women orgasm, they go into a refractory period, but compared to men, theirs is much shorter, which is why women can go for round 2 in just a couple of minutes, and men need about an hour of rest and no touchy.

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How some men react when you touch their penis after they cum.

Secret #3: PNC Can Help You Make Decisions

This is the best part about post-nut clarity; taking advantage of the clarity it gives you.

As we know, when you are horny, you get tunnel vision. You have one goal, which is to have an orgasm.

You’re concentrating like there’s no tomorrow because, as many women know, one minor disruption and that orgasm is gone. However, once you orgasm, you get the dopamine and endorphin rush that allows you to refocus on whatever issue you are dealing with.

This mental clarity can help you make crucial decisions. For example, perhaps you were struggling with a problem at work or in your personal life, and now you can see things from a different perspective.

PNC can help you break out your usual thought patterns and gives you the mental space to consider different options.

It’s About Perspective

Post nut clarity is not a good or bad thing. It just happens, and you can choose how to use it.

Maybe you want to use this superpower to help you make that life-altering decision. or perhaps you want to reflect on why you constantly feel shame after masturbating or having sex.

Pleasure is an integral part of life, and you shouldn’t deny yourself that.

So the next time you experience PNC, don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, take advantage of the mental clarity it provides and refocus your energy on something that can improve your life instead of making you feel worse.

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xoxo, Mia


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