My Experience At An Erotic Spa In Colombia

Aug, 31, 2022

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Yes, you heard that right.

I went to an erotic spa… and it was the best experience of my life.

I let a man touch me for the first time in a year, and it was worth it.

Did I have to pay in the end? Yes, but baby, let me tell you, he deserved every cent he got.

Not only did I walk away with a smile plastered on my face and body oil smeared everywhere, but I also walked away having experienced my first multiple orgasms.

Before I tell you every dirty detail, I need to point out that I have left the US and currently reside in my parent’s home country of Colombia.

It is a beautiful country with lots of greenery, beautiful souls, and plenty of sexy men and women. When they smile at you, you get butterflies in your stomach like a teenager experiencing those vagina tingles for the first time.

Now in Colombia, specifically Medellin, the country’s party capital, there is plenty of sex tourism.

I am talking about all the prostitutes and erotic spas you want; you can get here.

And I knew this, but I had a question that kept bugging me: where is sex tourism for women?

Because while the prostitutes and misogyny flow for the men, there is still a backward ideal here regarding women’s pleasure.

You know the one: women need to be pure and not have any desires, or else they are just used pieces of flesh with no worth.

But what I find so crazy about all this sex tourism is that in a country that is proudly catholic and has these ideals about marriage and purity, they cater to audiences that come here for a particular type of fun as if it’s some dirty little secret.

Anyways, while in my first two weeks here, I stayed in a hostel in one of the most popular areas for Gringos called El Poblado.

On one of my many walks through this area, I saw all the prostitutes and thought to myself, where is the sexual tourism for the women?

Now I know I can just walk into a random club, meet a stranger and fuck in the bathroom, but professionals will get the job done.

And I wanted a professional because this job has had a hiring sign since last August.

God Sent Me A Sign

So on this walk, God sent me a sign.

And it came in the shape of a big-ass Billboard with a half-naked guy and the words

“Romeo Spa. An Exclusive Erotic Spa for Women and Couples!”

At first, I was skeptical!

I was sure this had to be a human trafficking scam or something, but nevertheless, my curiosity got the best of me.

I took the number down.

When I returned to my hostel dorm, where I told my roommates about the billboard, and they all convinced me to send a text to the number.

Within a minute, the owner responds, and the next thing you know, I am making an appointment at this spa.

I was still concerned that this was a human trafficking scam, and the owner sensed it.

So he graciously extends me an invitation to stop by the next day.

He sent me the location, and I walked towards this spa the following day.

Now what you need to understand about Medellin and Colombia, in general, is that many places operate out of houses.

So picture this. A nice residential neighborhood with a few bodegas but nothing scandalous going on.

So when I arrived at the address, my skepticism went through the roof.

There was no billboard outside the house saying, “This is where you will have an orgasm.”

When I got there, I paced outside the house for a few minutes, trying to convince myself that I would not get human trafficked.

Once I got my confidence up, I texted the owner that I was outside, and he opened the door for me.

He walks me inside, and let me tell you, the environment is instantly relaxing.

The vibe of the owner was impeccable.

He wasn’t my type, but his vibe was so good that if he asked to fuck me right there, and then I would’ve said yes.

After a friendly chat with the owner and feeling the vibes, I was comfortable enough to make an appointment at his spa that Saturday.

I went with a girl I met at the hostel, which was great because it felt great to have some moral support.

You know she screamed in pleasure in one room while I screamed in the other.

Now here is the breakdown of everything that went down at that spa.

There are multiple packages offered at this spa, but the one I chose was the Belanova Package.

It’s where a hot male model gives you an erotic massage and an orgasm.

Now I will be referring to these men as Romeo 1 and Romeo 2, and the girl I went with will be Hostel Girl.

Saturday, July 23rd

So Saturday, July 23rd, me and a girl I met at a hostel went to Romeo, the erotic spa.

When we got there, the owner invited us in.

The environment was made to instantly relax you.

There was incense burning, and we went to sit on the patio. Hostel Girl and I talked with the owner, and our “Romeos” arrived. They had to be at least 6 feet or close to it, and you could instantly tell they were models.

We learned they were indeed models and had other professions, but they did this on the side.

Romeo 1 didn’t say much. He was hard to read and didn’t seem interested. I couldn’t catch a vibe like I could with his friend.

At that point, the owner brought us drinks, and I had a cabernet that I downed because I was so nervous.

We all had about a 5 min conversation until it started to rain.

We walked back into the spa, and Romeo 2 told us to go into one room and strip down to our underwear; whoever wanted Romeo 2 would stay in that room, and whoever wanted Romeo 1 would go into the other room.

While Hostel Girl and I undressed, I told her that Romeo 2 was into her and I thought she should go with him, and she agreed.

Once we were undressed, we stepped out of the room wrapped in towels, and that’s when we saw the guys with their shirts off.

I am not going to lie; I got really nervous at this point. A man hasn’t touched me, let alone look at me, within a year.

I turned back towards Hostel Girl and told her the safe word was Pineapple in case she needed anything while I tried to remain calm.

Romeo 1 and I made eye contact as he opened the curtain to the other room.

It was a closet size room with red lighting and a massage table in the middle and some shelves.

Not very big, and I am plus size, so I was concerned about the amount of space I was taking up.

He then told me to sit at the table, which I did with the towel still wrapped around me.

He then walked toward me with a blindfold. 

Holding on to some control, I said, “you look kinda young. How old are you?” my voice slightly shaking.

He responded that he was 27 years old and then blindfolded me.

He then took my towel and asked if I wanted to lie on my stomach or back, and I said belly because I really did need a massage. It had been a stressful week.

So I am in my underwear, blindfolded, lying on my stomach with the Weekend playing in the background.

Suddenly, I heard this man rub his hands together, and he started putting pressure on various points on my back.

It was like a heated oil, so it felt amazing.

At first, it was a regular massage, and it felt great.

He was putting pressure and kneading, and it was great.

Then maybe like 2 mins later, I felt a feather going up and down my back.

Side Note: let’s just say that my back and neck are some of my most sensitive areas.

So while the feather glided up and down my back, I kept spasming because I was very ticklish.

And let’s just say this professional had me read. He knew all of my sensitive points.

Then he came near my ear and blew in it at one point.

And all the while, I’m letting out little moans because yes.

Then he starts rubbing his beard (short and stubbly) up and down my back while periodically stopping to blow in my ear.

He then pulled away and poured oil up and down my thighs.

While rubbing my thighs, his fingers would insert into the waistband of my underwear and then out.

Then it got wild.

While his fingers were inserted into my underwear’s waistband, he gently slid them off.

He then rubbed between my thighs as he slowly moved to my vulva.

While I am completely naked on this table, this man continues to go about the massage while checking to see if I am wet enough.

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My Favorite Part

While still lying on my stomach, this man climbs onto the massage table.

He lowers his head and uses his beard to rub up and down my back.

I was in awe.

I could not keep still; obviously, that was the reaction he was looking for.

He then proceeds to wrap his left hand around my throat and blow into my right ear, and I…yes.

Just feeling his body on mine and his hand on my throat was amazing.

Unfortunately, he got off.

He then had me turn over onto my back.

When I did, he started rubbing my breast and in between my legs.

While he massaged my breast, he would put his hand around my throat every now and then and check to see if I was wet.

Which I was.

When he decided I was wet enough, the wand vibrator came out.

And this man was on a mission.

He put it to my clit and proceeded to go at it.

With one hand on the vibrator, he used his other hand to rip off the blindfold.

I got to watch this man finger me.

Picture Perfect

Picture this: red lighting, the Weekend playing in the background, and this man biting his lip while one hand is controlling the vibrator and the other is fingering me. The veins of his forearm popping out.

Music Video Lyrics GIF by Camryn - Find & Share on GIPHY

Not only was I moaning because of how amazing it felt but also because of what I was watching.

He then placed my hand on his abs, and my hand wandered to the top of his jeans, where I was holding on to dear life.

He then bent over and asked if he could kiss me.

This man had these thick lips that you just wanted to bite and suck on.

So when he asked for my consent, I couldn’t get the yes out of me fast enough.

He continued to jerk me off, occasionally kissing me and blowing into my ear.

He turned up the speed of the vibrator and continued to finger me.

So again, picture this: A hot man is trying to make you cum. He is doing everything he can to ensure you have that orgasm because you know he is not letting you leave without at least one.

I came 3 times, and I told him to stop at one point because I could not take it anymore.

They Know About Aftercare

And then, while I was coming down from my high, he sat right next to me and gave me some aftercare.

He sat there and rubbed my breasts, putting his hand around my neck every now and then.

But because of what I do (sex blogger), my head started filling with all the questions I wanted to ask him.

This man was in tune with me because he looked at me and asked what I was thinking.

So I asked him if he genuinely likes to do this because I know it’s hard to do this with people you aren’t attracted to, and he said he liked it; that he liked pleasing women.

And then he told me that he doesn’t really kiss his clients, that he kissed me because I deserved it, which I like to hear.

I then asked him what he likes, and apparently, he is very sensitive around the neck and ears too, and I told him I liked to have my hair pulled.

I then got up the courage to ask if I could kiss him.

He said yes, and I was so excited because those lips were calling out to me.

While we kissed, he put my hand over his jeans on his dick, and I momentarily lingered.

But I eventually moved it away because he didn’t seem hard or like he wanted to fuck me.

I took a minute to breathe, and while I did that, I took my hair out of this bun that looked ridiculous because it was not holding anything up.

And he then proceeded to say something every girl with a praise kink loves to hear, “asi me gusta,” or in English, “that’s how I like it.”

He then puts his hand in my hair, tugs at it, and kisses me harder.

And just when we are about to get even freakier, he hears Hostel Girl and Romeo 2 outside the room.

And that’s when I knew our time was up.

The Aftermath

So we quickly gathered our things out of the room and walked to the shower.

There he turned on the water for me, and before I got in, he stood there trying to rinse off the oil from his arm, and I stared.



StittsvilleOnPatrol GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Sometimes, God just gets it right, and I am so grateful.

Once he was done, he left me alone. I slightly rinsed my body because I knew that body oil was not coming off and tried to get dressed as quickly as possible.

But I am not going to lie.

I was shook.

My body was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it went through such an incredible experience.

My hair was messy, and I couldn’t button my shirt correctly.

And instead of enjoying the experience I went through and enjoying my high, I slightly punished myself for not being able to turn that part off and return to normal.

I tried to act like nothing had happened when my body was in shock.

I became aware of my body and felt instantly uncomfortable with how relaxed I was.

Besides me ruining it for myself, it was an incredible experience.

I felt so cared for and amazing, and I recommend the experience to anyone and everyone.

Feeling so wanted and desired, made me feel alive.

The heat of their skin on mine and the attention they gave me was something I never experienced before.

As the owner would describe it, it was a delicious experience.

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Romeo spa is, by far, the best concept of women’s entertainment! If you visir Medellín, you just gotta go

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