5 Reasons Why You Should Try Anal This Summer

Jun, 21, 2021

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In honor of Summer and all of the asses that will be throwing it back for free drinks, I want to talk about the booty.

The bootyhole, to be exact.

And how it deserves a little extra love this season.

Now anal sex is still pretty taboo in our society despite its growing demand and presence in porn, the media, and relationships.

But with Summer upon us and the rebirth of the nightlife, sunset boat rides, and summer flings, I think it’s the perfect time to try anal sex.

Key-Take Aways

Before we dive into why I think you should give anal a chance, I want you to keep this in mind.

  1. It’s your decision to try it, no one else’s.
  2. Do it with someone who respects your boundaries and limits. You don’t want an asshole in your asshole.
  3. It doesn’t feel like vaginal or oral sex. It is its own thing.
  4. It may not be your thing, but it is worth a shot (check out #4)

1) It’s considered naughty, and that’s hot

Taboo/ forbidden activities as such are a common sexual fantasy in the United States.

People just love the idea of doing something that they are not supposed to.

Why? I am not sure, but taboo is hot.

And despite the anus being part of the human body, anal sex is one of the more taboo activities out there.

Society views anal sex as something only individuals with no morals do.

I have even had someone tell me that if someone tries anal sex, they are bored with regular sex and need to stop trying so many things.

I find the taboo around the subject hilarious and ridiculous if I am honest.

Anal sex is just another way to explore your body and sexuality.

It’s about pleasure and trying to find new ways to enjoy your body.

That’s how it should be viewed. There should not be so much stigma around the subject, but there is.

And guess what?

Many people find that to be a turn-on because not everyone is doing it, and if you try it, it can be your secret.

There is just something about doing something wrong that feels so right.

2) A great way to increase intimacy with your partner

If you have read any of my other articles about anal sex, you would know that I always say that anal sex requires more preparation and communication than any other form of sex.


Because the anus is not like a vagina.

It is not self-lubricating.

You can’t just slip anything in there. You need to try different methods and accustom the anus to receiving.

This can take a lot of time and communication with your partner.

You are going to be trying something new, and it may make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

You will have to express that to your partner.

Y’all both are going to have to work together to find what feels good.

On top of that, like regular sex, there may be some awkward moments, which is okay.

Those awkward and vulnerable moments will make your relationship better in the long run.

3) A different type of pleasure

Compared to oral or vaginal sex, anal sex is an entirely different sensation.

A lot of people who receive anal sex say that at first, it feels like they are pooping backward over and over again.

But with time, it feels better.

Anal sex breaks away from your regular sex routine.

It requires more attention and foreplay.

The more you try it and find different ways to feel good, the better it will be.

Plus, you will get more in tune with your body because you are paying attention at every point.

And isn’t everyone just trying to find different things that make them feel good?

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4) More likely to orgasm

prep for anal sex-CTM

For any sexual being, this is an important one.

According to Healthline, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine uncovered that 31% of women who had anal sex during their most recent sexual experience, 94% had an orgasm.

I didn’t believe that the first time I read it.

But I soon found out why that was.

It is because the anus has multiple nerve endings like the clitoris.

So even if it’s not being penetrated, some light touching to the area feels fantastic.

 For penis owners, the location of the anus can push on the prostate, which can lead to an even more powerful orgasm.

As for vagina-owners, the location of the anus can stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot at the same time.

This stimulation could lead to full-body, leg-shaking orgasms, which statistically speaking, are a rare occurrence for vagina-owners.

5) Have a new thing to add to your sex routine

Trust me, I know.

Anal sex can seem pretty intimidating, and society doesn’t help either, nor do the claims from your friends.

You may find that anal sex is your thing.

But you may end up loving it, and you’ll never know if you don’t try.

That it was the thing, you needed to help you get that soul-leaving-the-body orgasm you have always read about.

Now you have this great thing that you can do every time you have sex with someone or by yourself.

Or let’s say you do try it and find that you absolutely hate it.

Now you know.

It’s not for you, and that’s okay.

But you don’t know where you’ll fall if you don’t try.

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Keep In Mind

I know that this article reads like it is pro anal sex. And that is because it is.

I personally think people should try it before saying no, but I am not you.

And the decision to try anal sex is yours and no one else’s.

So don’t let anyone pressure you into doing it because I guarantee you that it will not be enjoyable.

You will be doing it for someone else, and that will ruin the experience of something that could have been potentially incredible!

Remember, if you decide to try anal, try it with someone who will respect your boundaries and have an open line of communication with you.

And always keep an open mind, respect your limits, and listen to your body.


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