Best Period Products of 2023: These Products Will Literally Change Your Period

Apr, 05, 2023

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Being a menstruating human is challenging, especially in a world that doesn’t take menstruation seriously.

We have been taught to feel ashamed and keep it a secret instead of living truthfully.

Whether we are having cramps that are as strong as a heart attack or are experiencing one of the other 200 possible PMS symptoms, we shouldn’t have to pretend we are okay.

But if all my years as a menstruating person have taught me anything, it is that having a period is not the end of the world. If anything, it’s a superpower, and it sucks that we have been taught to believe it is an inconvenience. 

A period is not something to be ashamed of or something that needs to be suffered in silence. Instead, it is time to find a way to make this magical yet harsh reality a bit bearable and maybe even enjoyable.

Here are the best period products that will change how you experience your period.

It will no longer be something you suffer through but might enjoy.

From period dealing with period cramps to the types of pads to use, here are the best products you need to have to make your time of the month enjoyable or at least bearable. 

#1. Period Underwear

As someone who has to double up on pads when it’s my time of the month, I can attest to the fact that period underwear is revolutionary. I’ve yet to deal with any leaks, and it is comfy. There is nothing more important than to be comfortable while on your period. I usually wear these all day or at night because I really hate wearing pads at night. They are easy to use, and I adore them, and no, they don’t feel like a diaper or a heavy pad. 

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Pro Tip: If you have a heavy flow, I suggest saving this for your lighter days.

#2. Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup

Now if you don’t like the idea of free bleeding into a pair of underwear, I totally understand. But instead of using a pad or tampon that is one-time use and having had multiple complaints about the ingredients being used and soaking up into your vagina, have you thought about trying a menstrual cup? It seems intimidating at first because sticking a cup into your vagina sounds complicated, and while it does take a few tries, it’s worth it. Also, unlike a regular pad or tampon that you have to change every few hours, you can leave this menstrual cup in for 12 hours! 12 hours of not worrying about it! Plus, it comes in pretty colors.

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#3. Pixie Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer Cleaner

If you are an avid menstrual cup user, then you know the hassle of boiling your cup after your period. While removing all the bacteria and preventing bacterial growth is necessary, it is annoying. You need to have a special bowl, pot, and spoon for it. This steamer makes this step easier. All you have to do is fill it with water, and the steamer does the rest.

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#4: Rael Period Pads

Now if you are not emotionally ready to use the menstrual cup, no problem! These are the best pads on the market. First of all, they are organic. Second of all, they are fragrance-free. As we know, fragrances and the signature smell of copper from your period do not mix well because they can throw off your ph, making it a better environment for the bad bacteria to thrive in!

Third of all, they are soft. Also, after wearing it for an extended duration (past the 2 hr mark), they don’t leak or the pill. And they come in multiple sizes!

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#5. Gaia Vitex Berry

Now if you have irregular periods and severe PMS, I want you to know that it is not normal. Period pain is too normalized, and unfortunately, that gives doctors the excuse to not take the issues seriously. Vitex Berry has been my savior. I can attest to the fact that it has changed how over 1000 people and I experience our menstrual cycle. Now I AM NOT A DOCTOR, but I love this vitamin! I was dealing with irregular, painful periods. So painful to the fact that I would become bedridden with back pain, and the only solution my doctor provided me with was Birth Control which (personally) did not help.

But since taking this vitamin, my periods have been better. They aren’t as painful and not as heavy.

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#6. Heating Pad

Did you know that the time of your menstruation is also referred to as the winter season? It is synonymous because resting and reflecting is what you should do during your period. And what better way to battle winter than with a bit of heat. These are a few types of heating pads you can invest in. I personally own the blanket, and I like it. The heat is equally distributed, and the blanket’s softness is instantly relaxing. But if you need it on the go, then Rael’s Heating Pad is the way to go.

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#7. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Like the Vitex Berry supplements, a red raspberry leaf tea is essential for any menstruating human. The herb is known for alleviating PMS symptoms and cutting down the days of your flow. And it does not taste bad. I personally drink a cup a day before my period and after my period.

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#8. Wet Wipes

I don’t know about you, but I got big thighs, and the copper smell of my period blood tends to get trapped. Moreover, period blood is tough to clean, and toilet paper doesn’t always get the job done, so I always like to have wet wipes on hand. They make my vulva feel refreshed, and I don’t have to worry about the smell. These are my favorites. 

Pro Tip: When choosing wet wipes, avoid anything with fragrances. They can throw off the ph of your vagina, making it easier to get a yeast infection or BV.

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#9. Books: Learn How to Harness the Power of Your Period

Periods are magical y’all. I don’t care what people say. They are! How are you going to tell me that I can bleed for several days straight and not die? Moreover, menstruators have been taught to ignore their power, which has ended with us suffering. Suffering from PMS, mood swings, and just an overall terrible experience. So take the time to learn how to harness the power of period despite how cheesy it sounds. It will actually change your life.

These are my top 3 favorites books about periods! If you want more suggestions, check out my Shop My Faves section and scroll all the way down!

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#10. Period Tracker

If you are not tracking your period, then what are you doing! Tracking your period tells you when your next period is and where you are in the four phases of your cycle: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual. In addition, it can help predict your moods and feelings and even see what type of environmental changes are impacting your period.

But do not use a period tracking app! With all the laws being passed to restrict our reproductive rights, it’s best not to have that data available… for certain people. Of course, you can make your own, but this is the one I use.

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#11. Vibrator

Now you may be wondering why I added a vibrator to the list of essentials for a period, and it’s because masturbation, like menstruation, comes with its own powers. Masturbating during your period helps alleviate PMS symptoms like cramps, and orgasms release hormones that make you happy and more relaxed. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is my favorite toy, especially for masturbating during my period, because it just rests on my clitoris instead of stimulating my vaginal opening, which means mess is to a minimum, and clean up is easy.

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